Sep 2022

The Italian American Baseball Foundation (IABF) sponsored a college showcase featuring the 18u Italian National Team. The showcase was coordinated through Between the Lines, which offers remote-in live video technology for college coaches to access several camera angles and metrics. 

The 18u team, which travels to Florida for the World Cup in September, flew to Toronto for the showcase and their data and footage will hopefully create opportunities for them to play college baseball in the United States in the coming years. 

The data compiled during the event will also serve the players as they improve on their individual games. BTL builds metric projections for the athletes to measure short and long term development areas. More than 2,500 college coaches have access to the database.

IABF continues to invest in the future of baseball and youth development in Italy and America.

BTL Showcase Features:

  • Live Stream Metric Accessibility: BTL Showcases are live streamed which allows collegiate coaches to remote in live from anywhere in the world with access to player video and metrics.
  • Metric Based Rankings: BTL Rankings are based on athlete metric performance at their showcases. Human bias does not play a role in the rankings. Their ranking system forces player development.
  • BTL Showcase Expert: Following a BTL showcase, their team schedules meetings with each showcase attendee to help them understand their metrics that were recorded at the event. These metrics are entered into their proprietary algorithm which provides them a path to player success.

Top performers and metrics

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