Jul 2021

Trey Mancini Wows Audience in MLB HR Derby

Trey Mancini hit 59 total home runs in this year’s MLB Home Run Derby to finish second to Pete Alonso.

Mancini, this year’s IABF Tommy LaSorda Award winner, is an inspiration for battling cancer just 16 months ago, and making it back in time for the start of the 2021 season.

His goal was to be an inspiration for others battling cancer and while not winning the derby, he more than won the hearts and minds of fans everywhere.

“It was surreal to see that become a reality from my vantage point,” Mancini said. “That, and then seeing my family afterward on the field, they were all so happy. They were all crying, they were so happy. Except for one of my nephews, who was crying because he was upset that I lost.”

Mancini will be honored by the IABF in December.

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